Working to protect what's most precious to you


The team at Deighton Bowie has been involved in setting up, overseeing, managing and advising charities and community groups for over thirty years.

We believe in the power of visionary individuals, coming together to make things better. Our work with charities and community groups is what makes our hearts sing, and we will always do our best to support these organisations in being better, stronger and more effective.

Our work with charities includes financial management, governance, holding trustee positions, consultancy and project development. We work with a small number of charities to provide pro bono legal services for their clients who would otherwise not be able to pay for essential work including Wills, trusts and court of protection work.

So when a client pays for Deighton Bowie’s excellent services they are also supporting work for others in need of assistance who would otherwise be prevented from receiving it due to financial constraints.