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We are well known for understanding and supporting the needs of families and individuals who face a long-term disability.

Specialist advice is needed if you are making a Will to provide for a disabled child or relative. A person with a disability may experience interruption to the care and support they receive as part of their everyday life in the event of an inheritance coming directly to them. The use of trusts in these circumstances should always be considered, and there are specific rules regarding trusts for disabled people in the UK. As well as trusts within a Will it may be appropriate to set up a lifetime trust for a disabled child or other family member, particularly for inheritance tax planning purposes.

Where families need support with applications to the Court of Protection we partner with solicitors who are specialist in the field, making the process affordable and guiding our clients with expert advice.

We support people in making applications for benefits, although as this work is always done free of charge we are limited in the number of clients we can take on. However, we will always listen, and will signpost, advise and do as much as we can for people facing hardship as a result of changes to their benefits.

To discuss any of these areas of work please contact us.