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Powers of Attorney

In our ideal world everyone would have their powers of attorney in place, nominating the people they trust to look after their affairs in the event that they lost capacity. They are like an insurance policy – one you hope you never need but you know it’s there if you need it.

Powers of Attorney in Scotland have to be registered with Public Guardian before they can be used. There are two sets of powers. Continuing Powers cover decisions about your finances, and can be used while you still have capacity but may feel the need for someone to help out at times. Welfare Powers cover decisions regarding your health and any care you may need to receive. We will guide you through the process, helping you to understand the implications of appointing an attorney, preparing the necessary documents and dealing with their official registration.

Your choice of attorney(s) is important. They have to be someone you know you can trust completely in managing your affairs and making choices on your behalf. This means thinking carefully about who you nominate, and sometimes involves difficult decisions about family members. Attorneys do not have to be the same people for Continuing and Welfare powers, although they can be and often are.

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